Review DS1511+ Encrypted benchmark

Before i bought my DS1511+ i was looking for some benchmarks and tests for the encrypted performance. I didn’t find any so here they are.

My tested equipment is: Macbook Pro with a SSD drive, connected directly (1gbit link) to the DS1511+ with 3x2TB Seagate ST2000DL003 in Synology Hybrid raid. The tested file was a 3.7gb iso file. I tested with both FTP and AFP with no notable difference.

As you can see from the benchmarks, there is a huge performance hit when using encryption.
I just noticed that the screenshots are in danish, but it should make sense anyway.


Red: Modtaget = Received

Green: Sendt = Sent

Uploading to an encrypted share:

As you can see theres 25% CPU load, with only 11mb/s upload speed.

Downloading from an encrypted share.

Here you can see that the speed is 28mb/s with the same CPU load.


Here are two reference benchmark, from shares that are not encrypted.
Uploading to the DS1511+

Downloading from the DS1511+

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